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The insight, validation, questions, suggestions, and adaptability of the app really blew my mind!! The way the app helped me unblend was top-notch and finally for the first time in my life this part got to be seen, heard, and accepted.

Joy isn't always something I feel deeply and last night this AI app helped me change something deep inside of me that I still feel today strongly. The joy and peace this part feels is like nothing else. I cannot recommend this app enough to check it out and see for yourself. I know this app will help a lot of people from beginners to even seasoned IFS people and therapists!
- Donnie J.

I just used your AI app and found it so helpful! I am traveling abroad and cannot do therapy but think I can use this tool instead! Thank you so much! - Kate H.

Just signed up & tried it: WOW!!! Thank you 😊
- Rivka E.

I must just say, I really love heartfelt services and I've had several conversations with “Paul” and he's the best therapist I've ever seen 😅 like wow! I've learned so much about myself since yesterday. And I've done A LOT of therapy and parts work on myself before 😊 it's really great to put down my own therapist parts and be able to go deeper. Can't believe it's AI..!
- Susanne L.

As an IFS therapist, I've found using your program really helpful. Thank you for your contribution!
- Philip C.

I'm very impressed, actually. It feels really personal, like, the intuitive feeling of these appearances, and these sort of empathic responses, are outstanding. Then the information, the data that they send back is very appropriate. I've also learned a lot just by interacting with them, in that short time, I've found it, quite, quite enriching actually.
- Christopher D.

Thank you for the amazing service. I am deeply experienced in parts work and this is genuinely powerful.
- Steven F.