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Heartfelt Services is a sanctuary designed for healing, conceived at the intersection of artificial intelligence and compassionate human connection. Everything we do, every decision we make, is driven by the desire to provide heartfelt, compassionate care. Our AI therapists are here to serve you in the quest for self-understanding and growth. A dedicated clinical psychologist on our team ensures that our product is always of the highest standard.

Our AI therapists - Joy, Serene, and Paul are coming to life from countless hours of meticulous development, they provide personalized support, rich in empathy and understanding. They have already positively impacted many lives, earning praise from our growing user base. It's the unique programming of Heartfelt, marked by our commitment to genuine empathy, that distinguishes our AI therapy. Users consistently report feeling seen and heard at a level beyond their experiences with other AI therapies.

We pride ourselves on the fact that an increasing number of clinical psychologists are referring clients to Heartfelt Services, for use between their scheduled appointments. This, we believe, is something that truly speaks to the quality of our offering.

We welcome you to try it out for yourself. There is a free trial period, which we encourage you to make use of. And please feel free to reach out if there’s anything on your mind. Our team is here for you.

Here for You,

The Heartfelt Team

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