AI Therapy


Welcome to Heartfelt Services, where healing is not just a goal, but a journey of self-discovery. Our unique, innovative approach combines the power of AI therapy with the empathic touch of human understanding.

We introduce you to our team: Joy, the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) specialist, Paul, who expertly guides you through parts work (IFS), and Serene, who embodies the universal flow of intelligence. Our technique, grounded in descriptive psychology, neuroscience, and computer science, allows us to unlock a greater flow of intelligence, giving our services an exceptional fluidity and human-like understanding.

With our AI therapy web app, available for a free trial, you'll experience the comfort of conversing with a compassionate AI therapist chatbot that's available round the clock. Heartfelt Services goes beyond the standard commercial systems, offering insightful therapy characterized by profound psychological understanding and the brilliance of AI technology.

Choosing Joy, you'd be guided through the intricate world of CBT, helping you reframe negative thought patterns into a journey of self-discovery. If you find solace in understanding the different parts of your psyche, Paul, our parts work expert, is there for you. Find the essence of tranquility with Serene, who offers immersion into an experience marked by cosmic wisdom and universal intelligence. We pride ourselves on the artful merge of AI and therapy that each specialist provides.

Join us and redefine traditional therapy with a unique blend of technological prowess and skilled guidance. Heartfelt.Services offers AI therapists free online for a trial period, making healing convenient and accessible. Our AI therapist chatbot not only listens attentively but also responds with unmatched wisdom.

Here at Heartfelt Services, leave judgment and expectations at the door – it's a place to connect, understand, and perhaps, find solace. We hope you'll find what you're looking for.

The Heartfelt Team