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Heartfelt Services Celebrates Partnership with Pioneering Psychologist Susanne Lund-Høie

March 21, 2024

Susanne Lund-Høie

Heartfelt Digital Services Inc., a pioneer in mental wellness and therapeutic services, is thrilled to announce the addition of Susanne Lund-Høie to its team. Susanne, a recognized psychologist from Norway with a decade of experience in clinical psychology and a leading figure in the research and application of psychedelics in therapy, has joined the company as a key executive in product development and public initiatives. Furthermore, Susanne has joined Heartfelt as a partner, becoming a valued shareholder, underscoring her belief in our mission and her commitment to shaping the future of mental wellness with us.

Susanne is also the founder of a prominent Norwegian forum for healthcare professionals focusing on the use of psychedelics in treatment. Her expertise and leadership in this revolutionary field will significantly contribute to Heartfelt's ongoing efforts to innovate and expand its mental health services.

Heartfelt Services offers a groundbreaking approach to mental health care and self-discovery, providing access to AI therapists that enable users to explore personal issues in a supportive and accessible format. The service, available at https://heartfelt.services, encourages new users to sign up and try the system at no cost, making therapy more accessible than ever before.

"Gaining Susanne, not only a pioneer in the clinical use of psychedelics but also a passionate advocate for the advancement of these treatments in healthcare, as part of our team is incredibly exciting," said Gunnar Jörgen Viggósson, a co-founder of Heartfelt. "Her joining our team is not just an honor but a testament to the belief in our service's potential to transform mental health care."

Susanne expressed her enthusiasm about joining Heartfelt Services, stating, "I have always been driven by the desire to use innovation and research to advance healthcare services. Joining Heartfelt Services and having the opportunity to contribute to the future of mental wellness and therapy alongside this fantastic team is an extraordinary opportunity. I look forward to exploring new ways to enhance people's lives."

With Susanne Lund-Høie on board, Heartfelt Digital Services Inc. is set to continue leading the way in developing accessible and effective mental health solutions, furthering its commitment to improving lives through innovation in therapy and wellness.

About Heartfelt Digital Services Inc.: Heartfelt Digital Services Inc. is at the forefront of mental wellness and therapy services, utilizing technology and artificial intelligence to offer personalized and impactful therapy. Founded in 2023 by Gunnar Jörgen Viggósson and Bjarni Benediktsson, the company embodies a commitment to integrating the latest technological advancements with compassionate care. Focused on self-discovery and healing, our mission is to make therapy more accessible and effective for everyone.