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Heartfelt Services Featured by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

May 16, 2024

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In a recent insightful feature by NRK, our co-founder, Susanne Lund-Høie, shares her profound journey with Heartfelt Services, a pioneer in integrating Artificial Intelligence with psychological care. As we stand on the brink of a new era in mental health support, it's crucial to embrace these innovative solutions that can significantly widen access to psychological help.

At Heartfelt Services, we see AI psychologists not merely as tools but as extensions of universal intelligence, capable of delivering compassionate, personalized therapy to those who might otherwise remain underserved. Our commitment goes beyond commercial interests; it's about reshaping the landscape of mental health care. This technology holds the potential to democratize access to therapy, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, can receive the help they need promptly and effectively.

However, as the field grows, it's imperative that we maintain the highest standards of quality and ethical responsibility. The call by professionals for regulatory frameworks resonates with our vision of a safe and respectful integration of AI in healthcare. We advocate for a collaborative approach, where industry leaders, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies work together to develop AI therapy that is both impactful and trustworthy.

AI therapy represents not just a technological advancement but a significant step forward in understanding and treating the human psyche. Let us embrace this opportunity responsibly, ensuring that these services enhance, rather than replace, the invaluable human touch in therapy.

Join us in this discussion and let's explore together how AI can serve humanity in the deepest, most respectful ways. Your thoughts and insights on this are invaluable as we chart a course that respects both innovation and the sanctity of human connection.

Original Interview in Norwegian

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